Let’s all go Eco in the shower!

Be Eco and have a plastic free shower! Handcrafted soap made with Australian Hemp Seed Oil and fragranced with pure essential oils, Soap Suds & Oils of Margaret River will wash away dead skin and give nourishment to your body. A new business promoting the benefits of hemp seed oil, sustainable living while being socially conscious and using traditional soap making methods from local ingredients to offer quality soap suitable for the whole family.

Local resident and active community member Nicole Botica is the soap maker and a hemp enthusiast. She has been researching the benefits of hemp seed oil in cosmetics for over 25 years.

“Hemp seed oil is a superior ingredient in cosmetics as it is rich in essential fatty acids and vitamin D making it unique and very healthy for your skin.”

Nicole explains that hemp seed oil is made from pressing oil from the seed of the industrial hemp plant which can now be used as a food source as well as in cosmetics.

The inspiration to promote hemp seed oil in soap making was ignited in the early 1990’s when Nicole worked for The Body Shop and was fortunate enough to educate the late Anita Roddick, founder of The Body Shop International, on the benefits of hemp seed oil.

“It was over 25 years ago we were lobbying for hemp seed oil to be used in cosmetics, and this activism was just what Anita was excited about and went back to the UK and created the Hemp for Dry Skin Range.”

The body care range is now a hero range for the retail company.

Just like then, today we see a similar regulation win with recent changes in the acceptance of hemp seeds as a food source.

Nicole, also active in community organisations within the south west, has been a committee member with iHempWA, Industrial Hemp Association of WA, for 3 years and was voted in as Chairperson of HempGro, WA Hemp Growers Co-operative the first hemp co-operative in Australia, formed in April 2018.

With industry developing and more hemp products becoming available in the market place we hope to see a shift in purchase power towards hemp products.

“This consumer power will help change our lifestyle towards more sustainable living and eliminate chemicals and plastics from our homes, hemp products need to become mainstream,she said.

To enquire about the brand email:

For media enquiries contact Nicole Botica (0408 887 275)